How Do I Keep My Teeth White after Professional Teeth Whitening?
December 1, 2022

You might not like the looks of your discolored teeth that constantly impact your smile to make you think you must act to change its appearance. However, you will not encounter challenges trying to find dentists around town offering the best teeth whitening near me, making it convenient for you to receive the treatment at higher prices than home remedies or over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments.

You get your teeth professionally whitened by the dentist nearby and think your smile looks beautiful when you see yourself in the mirror. However, are you aware the treatment you receive is only a day old, and your teeth have been in your mouth since birth and are experienced in accumulating stains? Therefore before your teeth start collecting colors on them, you must act against them to prevent discoloration from making its presence felt to impact your smile.

Keeping teeth white is a challenge everyone confronts, and think they can quickly receive professional teeth whitening treatments or purchase over-the-counter kits to improve their condition. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize they can comfortably prevent or slow down the staining of their teeth by using a few tips suggested in this article to ensure they receive a return on the investment they made in their smile by receiving professional teeth whitening in Duncanville costing six or ten times more than home-made or over-the-counter treatments.

What can you do to prevent re-staining of your teeth after making a considerable investment in teeth whitening? Kindly continue reading this post, providing tips to keep your teeth white to complement your smile.

Tips to Keep Teeth White After Treatment

The initial 48 hours after getting your teeth whitened are crucial and require appropriate care to ensure they don’t accumulate stains immediately after receiving the treatment from your preferred dentist. You don’t have to reinvest in whitening products in the time following the procedure, but you only need to refrain from having your favorite coffee or tea because these two beverages are the culprits that stain your teeth. If you find it challenging to avoid your morning coffee, you can use warm milk or white yogurt as a substitute for your wake-up drink.

Coffee and tea are not the only substances discoloring your teeth because they can also accumulate stains from dark sauces that add taste to your meals. Unfortunately, constant use of dark sauces will make you liable to receive another whitening treatment from the dentist in 75116 sooner than expected.

Besides the above, you must also avoid acidic foods because they can stain your teeth. Besides discoloring your teeth, acidic foods also cause enamel erosion to make your teeth appear yellow because it exposes the dentin layer of your teeth, which is naturally yellow.

You might find the tips suggested more challenging than receiving another teeth whitening treatment. However, they are recommended to minimize your expenditure and enable you to enjoy the results of the whitening treatment you receive from the Duncanville dentist as best as possible.

If you cannot refrain from these foods and beverages, you can consider using straws for drinking beverages, having a toothbrush handy to clean your teeth soon after eating colored foods, and remembering to rinse your mouth a few minutes after having acidic foods or drinks. You can also request at-home teeth whitening trays from the Duncanville dentist, which they provide after taking impressions of your mouth to custom-create trays and offer them with whitening gel for at-home whitening to maintain your whitening results.

Do Whitening Treatments Damage Your Teeth?

When you consider whitening treatments for your teeth, you will find many options available on the market that promise you instant results at low prices. For example, you might notice beauty salons offer teeth whitening remedies at affordable prices than dentists. Unfortunately, while the prices seem attractive, the treatments are performed by non-dental professionals without knowing how your teeth will react to the whitening ingredients. Therefore if you receive whitening remedies from non-dental professionals, you make yourself susceptible to having damaged teeth.

Over-the-counter remedies generally deliver minimal results and disappoint you if you seek instant whitening. However, many products are authenticated by the ADA and considered safe for use on your teeth. Therefore you will likely not suffer tooth damage when using over-the-counter products according to the instructions of the manufacturers.

You receive professional teeth whitening treatments from dentists only after they examine your teeth and gums to ascertain whether you qualify for this procedure. In addition, the therapy is supervised by a professional qualified in dentistry after taking every precaution to ensure you don’t sustain damage to your teeth after receiving cosmetic treatment from them.

If you choose the suitable teeth whitening treatment to brighten your smile, you will likely not incur damage to your teeth. However, you must refrain from trying low-cost remedies offered by hacks merely to cash in on the popularity of teeth whitening treatments because they can damage your teeth.

If you need your teeth whitened because they appear discolored to impact your smile Glow Family Dental provides safe and effective in-office whitening treatments delivering instant results. Consult the practice to determine whether you qualify for this treatment and receive it to have the brighter smile you desire in one appointment.