Cost Of Dentures

Invest In A Complete Smile With Dentures

Did you know teeth are meant to last for a lifetime with the right care over the years? Unfortunately, even with the best prevention, tooth loss can still occur. In fact, 35 million Americans don’t have any natural teeth remaining. If you’re among those who have lost all their teeth, dentures in Duncanville provide an affordable solution to rebuild your smile. We understand you’re concerned about their cost, but you have nothing to fear. We’ll help keep your new smile affordable to invest in your quality of life.

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

Now, new innovations in dentistry provide multiple options to replace one or both arches of missing teeth, but traditional dentures continue to be a popular treatment. They provide an effective, affordable, and convenient means to reinstate a beautiful, functional smile. Despite their bad reputation for looking and feeling fake, they are now more realistic than ever.

There is no easy way to determine how much you will pay for dentures without first providing you with an initial consultation. There is no set cost for them. Instead, the amount you pay is determined by several factors, such as the materials used and if you need additional treatments.

On average, you can expect to pay for:

  • X-rays and images
  • Tooth removal
  • Impressions
  • Wax blocks and models
  • Fittings

During your initial consultation, your dentist in Duncanville, Dr. Martinez provides you with a custom estimate and discusses the costs of each phase of your treatment. Our team then works with you to find the solutions you need to keep your new smile within your budget.

How Can I Pay For Dentures?

Sadly, Medicaid typically doesn’t cover dentures, but most dental insurance carriers cover a portion of their cost. Depending on your specific policy, you have access to an annual spending cap of about $1,000 to $1,500 per year after paying your monthly premiums and your yearly deductible. Our team works on your behalf with your insurance company to file the necessary claims and paperwork to help you maximize your benefits.

Although your dental insurance can help to lower the cost of dentures, you will still need to pay a portion of their cost. We accept traditional forms of payment, as well as third-party financing through CareCredit. Based on your credit’s approval, you are given the funds you need to pay for your new smile. You then repay the balance using monthly installments.

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Cost Of Dentures